SPA Leadership Program

Interclass and Community Coordinator (ICC)

During my sophomore year at AU, I served as one of three Interclass and Community Coordinators (ICC) within the SPA Leadership Program. ICC is responsible for developing inter – as well as intraclass relations within the SPA Leadership community. This goal was primarily achieved through planning, implementing, and executing events throughout the course of the year ranging from Thanksgiving dinners to an event in which upper and underclassmen in the program were paired together as buddies and were revealed at a dinner. Serving as an ICC co-coordinator taught me how to plan and implement events as well as the importance of proactive organization and planning.

Student Co-Director

My Junior year at AU included serving as the Student Co-Director of the SPA Leadership Program. Within this position, alongside my co, I implemented a myriad of weekly meetings both with the teams under my supervision as well as facilitating meetings across the entire mass leadership team. More specifically, I directly worked with ICC, Communications, and the Second-Year TAs. Additionally, I worked with program directors and faculty to shape the curriculum, oversee the functionality of the program, and act as the source of communication between the students in the program and its faculty. Such a prestigious position has taught me the importance of collaboration and team dynamics as well as how to work with faculty and support the teams in which I supervise.