About Me

My name is Olivia Phillips. I am from Winchester, Massachusetts and am currently a senior studying at American University where I am a part of the SPA Leadership Program. I have been a Boston fanatic all my life and love everything sports! I have always had a passion to help others in any way or means possible, and that is why I am studying Political Science here. With my degree I hope to make a lasting impact not only here at American but also all around. I was fortunate to grow up in a state and community that welcomed change and also was very progressive in their views of moving forward in todays time.


During high school I was very involved in my school community ¬†as well as local community. I served as Vice President of Student Council where I helped to initiate events that showcased a wide variety of different students talents and interests as well as organized fundraisers for local and global charities. I also was captain of my high schools girls tennis team. As captain I made sure to create a welcoming and family like community for all the girls. I also was very active in getting to know every single girl on and off the court to make sure I could help or mentor them in any way they needed. Along with those positions I was also a student representative to my towns school committee where I was the voice of the over thousand students at the high school to the superintendent and committee members. I was also a substitute teacher at my church’s Sunday school where I worked with kids of all ages and helped other teachers during their lesson plans.


One of the most rewarding things I did through my high school years was have the opportunity of experiencing work in a multitude of areas. I assisted my dad in his law practice with projects he had me help him or his other colleagues with. I also babysat kids of various ages and learned many different skills during then such as patience, sternness and nurturing. I found that the skills I learned through babysitting helped me a lot in my leadership roles throughout high school, because they taught me the importance of persistence, understanding and care I brought to each project, practice or match.


During my time at college I hope to continue my activeness in community and find platforms where I can help a variety of people. Through the leadership program and other clubs on campus I plan on continuing my passion for leadership and further develop my skills to have a better understanding as well as more experience in it.


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