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This was a paper I wrote for my Renaissance Drama class during my junior year. Our assignment was to see the production of Life is a Dream at a DC theater and to then reflect on why it might have been chosen to be put on in Washington D.C. I later submitted this paper into American University’s College of Arts and Science Research Conference where it was submitted and I was able to present it to a group of scholars, staff, and students. This paper received an A-

Phillips_Life is Not a Dream When There is No Freedom of Speech_theater critque-.


During my time at AU, I have had the opportunity to take a variety of political science classes that have exposed me to a diverse array of viewpoints, beliefs and approaches to impacting the lives of Americans. The spring semester of my junior year I took a course on interest groups. For the paper we had to choose an interest group and research the different elements of it and what made it successful or have an impact on the political landscape in DC. For my paper, I researched the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I was lucky enough to also have the opportunity to hear from an advocate from the Chamber who came into our class to discuss her role there as well as how they worked with legislators. My paper was unique to others given the fact that the Chamber, unlike other interest groups, has local, state level and national chapters. This paper received an A-

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Attached is a copy of my final policy memo for the SPA Leadership Program capstone. Our task was to identify a problem. For my policy memo, I chose to write about the identity crisis within the Republican Party. Throughout my memo, I incorporated information that I gained from the SPA Leadership Program and the styles and practices of leadership that can help resolve this problem.

Policy Memo-2