Cue-suppressed Nose Poking Videos Donated by Michael McDannald

Video Content & Behavior Details:

Species: Long Evans Rats          Sex of Animals: Male         Number of Animals in Video:

Description of Behavior:Tethered rats are nose poking for food reward while receiving auditory stimuli and foot


Video Acquisition Details:

Video Format: mp4          Camera: Med Associates          Acquisition Software: Med Associates

Resolution: 320 x 240          Frame Rate: 15 fps          Donated by: Michael McDannald, Assistance Professor at Boston

College          Data collected by:  Rachel Walker in the McDannald Lab at Boston College 

Details Specific to Individual Videos:

Duration of Each Video:

Key: Video Title – Duration

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_01 – 01:12:00

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_02 – 01:05:14

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_03 – 01:03:51

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_04 – 01:12:00

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_05 – 01:03:51

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_06 – 01:03: 51

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_07 – 01:03:51

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_08 – 01:03:50

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_09 – 01:12:03

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_10 – 01:03:51

McDannald_rat_operant chamber_conditioning_11 – 01:03:51