Olfactory Search Video Donated by Matt Smear

Video Content & Behavior Details:

Species: Mouse          Number of Animals in Video: 1 

Description of Behavior: olfactory search assay in which freely-moving mice navigate noisy concentration gradients of airborne odor.”

Video Acquisition Details:

Video Format: mp4          Camera: Point grey          Acquisition Software: Bonsai

Resolution: 1035 x 620          Frame Rate: 10 fps             

Donated by: Matt Smear, Assistant Professor at University of Oregon

Details Specific to Individual Videos:

Video Type & Duration of Each Video:

Key: Video Title, Video Type, Duration

Smear_mouse_operant chamber_olfactory search_raw_01, Raw video, 14:00

Smear_mouse_operant chamber_olfactory search_processed_02, Processed video, 12:00