Neural Recording

           This page features hardware and software tools for recording neural activity. This category of projects includes a variety of methods including electrode/optic fiber implantation, software platforms for collecting and analyzing neural data, and hardware design for collecting neural data. Electrical Recording includes projects for electrophysiological data collection (single unit, LFP, EEG, etc). General Surgery includes tools for performing surgery and placing probes. Neural Signal Analysis includes projects for analyzing pre-recorded or live streamed neural data. Optical Imaging includes hardare for collecting calcium imaging (or other optical sensors) data including single cell (miniscopes) or fiber photometry (population) data. 

            For projects that are relevant to a specific kind of behavioral study (e.g. decision making or motor learning), species (e.g. mouse or bee), or neurological model (e.g. schizophrenia or Parkinson’s), use the search bar to find projects by tag!


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