Video Recording and Analysis

          This page features several options for video-based behavior tracking for a variety of species, in both real-time and pre-recorded video. The projects in this category range from machine learning based algorithms for animal position tracking, software for collecting and analyzing video simultaneously and hardware setups for collecting video data in a variety of configurations. Offline Video Analysis includes software for deriving behaviors from pre-recorded videos. Realtime Recording and Analysis includes projects for simultaneous recording and analysis. Video Recording Hardware features hardware configurations (and some software programs to control those cameras) for collecting video data. 

            For projects that are relevant to a specific kind of behavioral study (e.g. decision making or motor learning), species (e.g. mouse or bee), or neurological model (e.g. schizophrenia or Parkinson’s), use the search bar to find projects by tag! You can also search by microcontroller (e.g. Arduino, micropython) or programming language!


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