Liquid Consumption Video Donated by Meaghan Creed

Video Content & Behavior Details:

Species: Long Evans Rat          Number of Animals in Video: 1 

Description of Behavior: ““Recording of hedonic or aversive orofacial reactivity following liquid consumption (water, sucrose or quinine).”

Additional Information: ”Videos are observed in slow motion to detect orofacial reaction (tongue protrusion or gapes) and count them. (”

Video Acquisition Details:

Video Format: avi          Camera: FLIR-FUJINON YV10x5A-2          Acquisition Software: SpinView

Resolution: 1440x1080          Frame Rate: 200 fps          Duration: 00:07        

Donated by: Meaghan Creed, Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis

Details Specific to Individual Videos:

Duration of Each Video:

Key: Video Title – Duration

Creed_rat_open chamber_drinking_01 – 00:07