Drinking-in-the-dark Videos Donated by Cherish Ardinger and David Linsenbardt

Video Content & Behavior Details:

Species: Adult C57BL/6J mice        Number of Animals in Video: 2 

Description of Behavior: “‘Drinking-in-the-Dark’ (DID). Briefly, 3 hours into the dark cycle, home-cage water bottles are replaced with sippers containing 20% (v/v) unsweetened EtOH. Mice have free access to the EtOH-filled sippers for 2 hours. During this time, there is no water available. Food is always available ad libitum and mice have ad libitum access to water, except during this two-hour period each day. Mice are not water deprived. In this video, we also record 30 minutes of water consumption prior to the 2-hour EtOH period. Therefore, there is a 30 minute ‘water baseline’ followed by the 2-hour DID. In this video, these mice are on their second day of DID.”

Video Acquisition Details:

Video Format: mp4          Camera: Logitech C920          Acquisition Software: AnyMaze

Resolution: 640 x 480          Frame Rate: 15 fps          Donated by: Cherish Ardinger (PhD student at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, IUPUI) & David Linsenbardt (Assistant Professor at University of New Mexico School of Medicine)

Details Specific to Individual Videos:

Duration of Each Video:

Key: Video Title – Duration

Ardinger_mouse_home cage_drinking-in-the-dark_01 – 02:49:26

Ardinger_mouse_home cage_drinking-in-the-dark_02 – 02:34:28

Ardinger_mouse_home cage_drinking-in-the-dark_03 – 02:34:52

Ardinger_mouse_home cage_drinking-in-the-dark_04 – 02:34:44

Ardinger_mouse_home cage_drinking-in-the-dark_05 – 02:34:40


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