Kaitlyn Tran

For my project, I decided to make an online poster than describes the boundaries that people need to take when trying to locate a ‘missing’ person. I thought that making an electronic poster would be the best way to convey the message using pictures and stats that would add to the message. The poster shows the different steps used with silver alerts and trying to find a missing person that ties to the podcast with Richard Simmons not being missing, but rather he just wanted to live out of the public eye.

boundaries guide

3 comments on “Kaitlyn Tran

  1. Het Kaitlyn! I thought your poster did a great job of outlining the procedure of what happens when a person goes missing. The connection back to Richard Simmon’s and the ethical violation that the show presented was very well put. Though it might be nice for friends and family of Richard to have some peace of mind, ultimately I guess that isn’t their decision.

  2. I like your poster! The color definitely got my attention and I think the information in itself is useful even outside of this podcast. Having someone going missing especially in one’s own life seems very rare, but to be honest, if someone in my life did go missing I would have no idea what to do. Good job!

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