Rose Laoutaris

I listened to the episode of ​Dish City​ called “Jumbo Slice,”which focused on the extremely large slices of pizza sold in a neighborhood of the district, Adams Morgan. This podcast told the history of the first “Jumbo Slice” location, how the pizza was made, and how it grew to its popularity today as a “drunk food.” I created a brochure of the Adams Morgan neighborhood to give the listener more context to the history of the neighborhood.

Rachael Bennett

I decided to make a website for my multimodal project. I wanted to discredit the Missing Richard Simmons podcast to show people that there are boundaries that should not be crossed when it comes to looking into people’s lives. No one should have their privacy violated for the personal agenda of someone else.

Taylor Mapstone

For my project, I decided to simulate the environment in the dome by being surrounded by noise constantly for 24 hours. This idea came from the episode of the Habitat Podcast titled “Tortilla.” In this episode, it is discussed that the participants in the dome are starting to feel annoyed by one another due to the amount of constant noise always surrounding themselves. So, for my project I wanted to create an environment which would mirror that situation, so I decided to listen to music for 24 hours straight. This is a video that follows my 24 hour period of listening to music and my thoughts as I went through the experiment. Here is the link to the video on youtube.

Grace Storey

For this project, I made a model of the dome from the Habitat on the Sims 4. While listening to the podcast, it is difficult to imagine what the inside of the dome actually looks like. I used descriptions throughout the entire podcast as well as photos and blueprints on the HISEAS website to construct it in the Sims. I also made the 6 people living in the dome as Sims, both to make it more realistic and help with the scale of the dome.

Samantha Lucas

For this project I made a song parody cover of various children’s nursery rhyme songs, featuring dishes from the podcast Dish City! They are short and is an addition for people who process information via audio while multitasking. They all include ingredients used within the dishes for easy memorization.


Trey Trkula

For this project, I made a video that describes the aspect of food within The Habitat, as well as provides a visual for what the food looks and tastes like. How the participants ate and adjusted to their new foods was a recurring topic of the podcast; however, it was not heavily discussed. I wanted to make a video that expands on this topic and hopefully clears up some uncertainty that may have resulted from the listening to the podcast in regards to food.


John Paul Bautista

My multimodal is a simple, and fun poster about space food. The Habitat doesn’t talk about space food a lot, so I decided to have that as my focus for my poster. It goes into the general information about food in space, how it’s prepared, and what the crew on the fourth HI-SEAS experiment had as food and how they prepared it.

Annie Sutherland

For this project, I wanted to focus on the idea of missing persons and how people can judge whether or not an individual is actually “missing”. In my infographic, I give tips on how to deduce whether someone should be considered missing, as well as the steps that should be taken if that individual is seen as missing. I thought it was interesting to show the real information surrounding this topic in relation to the behavior exhibited in Missing Richard Simmons.

missing persons guide pdf

Kaitlyn Tran

For my project, I decided to make an online poster than describes the boundaries that people need to take when trying to locate a ‘missing’ person. I thought that making an electronic poster would be the best way to convey the message using pictures and stats that would add to the message. The poster shows the different steps used with silver alerts and trying to find a missing person that ties to the podcast with Richard Simmons not being missing, but rather he just wanted to live out of the public eye.

boundaries guide

Mariana Aguilar

For my project, I decided to create a guide to finding a missing person in the form of an infographic because I believe that it would have been helpful to Richard Simmons’ loved ones and people who wanted steps to attempt finding him. I chose an infographic because they are easy to follow, they are more engaging due to their designs and colors, and they provide information in small sections which makes it easier for people to understand. This guide has different tactics of finding a missing person that have been effectively and successfully used before.

Finding a Missing Person