Rachael Bennett

I decided to make a website for my multimodal project. I wanted to discredit the Missing Richard Simmons podcast to show people that there are boundaries that should not be crossed when it comes to looking into people’s lives. No one should have their privacy violated for the personal agenda of someone else.

3 comments on “Rachael Bennett

  1. Hello Rachael,
    Wow, your website brought up very valid points and things that people don’t often talk about. It seems so invasive that he actively went to go find Richard’s address to try and talk. I definitely agree with your message and it’s very important to think about. I also enjoyed the minimal, simple design on your website since it focused on the message.

  2. I think you’re website brings up a good point about boundaries and respect. When listening to the podcast I felt that the host was kind of invasive especially when he went to his home. I thought the minimalism of the website played well in getting your message across

  3. From Jake: I love the vertical design of your site, it makes everything really clear and forces you to go point by point. I think the argument is laid out in a way that’s very straightforward and after going through the site I think it’d be hard for a fan of the podcast to disagree with you. Also love how you managed to get a picture of Simmons to slide into the frame I couldn’t do that.

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