Taylor Mapstone

For my project, I decided to simulate the environment in the dome by being surrounded by noise constantly for 24 hours. This idea came from the episode of the Habitat Podcast titled “Tortilla.” In this episode, it is discussed that the participants in the dome are starting to feel annoyed by one another due to the amount of constant noise always surrounding themselves. So, for my project I wanted to create an environment which would mirror that situation, so I decided to listen to music for 24 hours straight. This is a video that follows my 24 hour period of listening to music and my thoughts as I went through the experiment. Here is the link to the video on youtube.

3 comments on “Taylor Mapstone

  1. Hey Taylor! I thought your project concept was super cool and I think its awesome how dedicated you were to having no silence in the 24 hours, especially when you mentioned that you blended your songs in spotify. Honestly I think you made it look kind of easy which was cool, but you also explained well the parts that were difficult for you. Super well done!!

  2. I found this concept super cool and creative! It’s kind of funny to me, too, because I spend almost every day listening to music or watching a show constantly to keep my mind busy, but to see the idea of not being able to control it was very interesting. I think you were super brave to do this, and it’s good that you addressed your difficulties in going about it.

  3. From Jake: That’s just a dope idea. I wasn’t that interested in the podcast when we first listened to it, but how space affects normal people is definitely the most interesting part. It would’ve been really cool if more people did this, I’d be really curious to see how the genre we listen to and our taste in music affects the experience and our mood after the 24 hours. It would definitely be tangential to the podcast, but I think the way you did it definitely adds to a listener’s understanding of what it’s like for the participants, and it was a creative aspect to focus on.

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