Grace Storey

For this project, I made a model of the dome from the Habitat on the Sims 4. While listening to the podcast, it is difficult to imagine what the inside of the dome actually looks like. I used descriptions throughout the entire podcast as well as photos and blueprints on the HISEAS website to construct it in the Sims. I also made the 6 people living in the dome as Sims, both to make it more realistic and help with the scale of the dome.

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  1. Hey Grace! I really love this project. It’s so well done and is so unique, it’s really great! I love that you thought out of the box and created an interactive space with the dome. I had always wondered what the dome would look like and how big it was and now that I see your project, all my questions were answered! I know this project probably took a long time but I think it was worth it because the final project is amazing!

  2. Hi Grace, this is so impressive and I love it. It’s such a unique idea and I think it’s cool that you have so many options to customize on the game. I wonder how long did it take to make the entire dome on the sims? Really great job!!

  3. Hi Grace! This project caught my eye because I love the Sims. I think you did a fantastic job with your project! It was so creative to build your vision of what the habitat dome looked like using only descriptions from the podcast. This definitely matched my view of how I thought the habitat might look like. Amazing job!

  4. Hi Grace, this project is really cool! Your design of the dome is really thorough and incredible, which, knowing the Sims, was probably incredibly tedious. I’d be curious to see what sort of relationships the characters would build and the things they would do if left to the AI of the game. Great job!

  5. Oh my gosh! This was such a creative way of visualizing the dome. I love the sims games too and I’m super bad with building and decoration, so watching you do it in such a nice clean way was awesome.

  6. I think this was an awesome way to go about this project! It’s super creative and allows a lot of room for fun, but also allows the viewer to think about how they envisioned the dome from the podcast and how it differs from yours.

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