Trey Trkula

For this project, I made a video that describes the aspect of food within The Habitat, as well as provides a visual for what the food looks and tastes like. How the participants ate and adjusted to their new foods was a recurring topic of the podcast; however, it was not heavily discussed. I wanted to make a video that expands on this topic and hopefully clears up some uncertainty that may have resulted from the listening to the podcast in regards to food.


3 comments on “Trey Trkula

  1. Hey Trey! My multimodal also focused on food, and this is a great way of showing space food. Having another opinion other than the host of The Habitat of what space food tastes like is great, and it gives the listener a second opinion that space food isn’t that bad.

  2. I absolutely loved this video! It was really engaging because I have never actually had astronaut food before, and I do not think many others have either, so the topic is a great idea. You seemed genuinely excited about what you were doing, and it showed in the video’s quality. Great work!

  3. Hey Trey! I think giving this food the visual component was a great idea. None of us really know what living on Mars would be like, or at least a simulation of it. Further exploring what food they consumed just gives more insight into another reality!

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