Advisory Board

David C. Barker (Chair)
American University and National Science Foundation
Expertise: congressional and presidential studies, social and economic sciences

Sheila Blackford
Miller Center at the University of Virginia
Expertise: information sciences, presidents

Michael W. Fitzgerald
St. Olaf College
Expertise: history of race, Southern politics

Rachelle Moyer Francis
Millard Fillmore Presidential Site
Expertise: public history, elementary education

Carlton Houston
descendant of Zachary Taylor and Annie (enslaved woman); Instagram storyteller @myhistoryvibe
Expertise: communications, Black genealogy

Barbara Alice Mann
University of Toledo
Expertise: Indigenous culture and history, Black culture and history, presidents

Aaron L. Mason
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Expertise: citizenship studies, presidents, Indigenous history

Matthew Reeves
James Madison’s Montpelier
Expertise: archaeology, slavery

Elizabeth Lorelei Thacker-Estrada
Institute for Historical Study
Expertise: library science, history of women and first ladies

Cynthia M. Van Ness
Buffalo History Museum
Expertise: libraries and archives, digitization

Jonathan W. White
Christopher Newport University
Expertise: Black history, presidential history, documentary editing