Author Guidelines

  • Types of Submissions

    Articles for the Beat should be conversational or anecdotal in style and use first-person narrative. While we encourage evidence-based insights, articles for the Beat should combine research and best practices with personal experience. If academic/scholarly jargon is used, terms should be defined.

    Articles will be related to the following topics:

    • Teaching Practice
      • Online/in-person/hybrid learning
      • Inclusive pedagogy
      • Student-centered instructional strategies (e.g. flipped classrooms, active learning)
      • Assessment
      • Use of technology for student engagement
    • Research & Scholarship
      • Quantitative & qualitative research practices and methodologies
      • Components of conducting research as faculty
      • Connecting or integrating research to teaching/learning
    • Professional Development
      • Conference and workshop reflections on teaching and learning
      • University programming
      • AU policy in practice

    Note: this list is not exhaustive, and we welcome new ideas and contributions that align with CTRL’s mission to promote excellence in teaching and scholarship across the disciplines.

  • General Guidelines

    1. Post length: 500-1000 words (not including headers, references, or author profile)
    2. Paragraph length: Short to medium (100-200 words)
    3. Recommended use of section headers, bullet points, or lists to organize writing
    4. Includes references and/or a “Further Reading” section with 2-3 suggested resources
      1. Citations should be in APA format
    5. Featured Image (optional; CTRL Beat team will choose the image if authors opt out of providing an image for their post)
    6. Images, tables, and graphs (optional):
      1. Max: 2
      2. Pixel ratio: 300 x 300 (max 400 x 400)
      3. Format: JPEG, JPG, PNG
      4. Includes alternative text
    7. Author Profile (25-50 words)