Author Guidelines

  • Types of Submissions

    Articles for The CTRL Beat should be conversational or anecdotal in style and use first-person narrative. While we encourage evidence-based insights, articles for the Beat should combine research and best practices with personal experience. If academic/scholarly jargon is used, terms should be defined, and the writer should not assume disciplinary or instructional expertise. 

    We encourage submissions related to the following topics:

    Teaching Practice 

    • Online/in-person/hybrid learning 
    • Inclusive pedagogy 
    • Student-centered instructional strategies (e.g. flipped classrooms, active learning) 
    • Assessment 
    • Use of technology for student engagement 


    Research & Scholarship 

    • Quantitative & qualitative research practices and methodologies 
    • Components of conducting research as faculty 
    • Connecting or integrating research to teaching/learning 


    Professional Development 

    • Experiences with conferences, workshops, or trainings 
    • Student advising & mentorship  
    • University programming 
    • AU policy in practice 


    Note: This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome new ideas and contributions that align with CTRL’s mission to promote excellence in teaching and scholarship across disciplines. If you have an idea or proposal or would like to adapt an existing conference presentation, speech, or resource, please reach out to our editorial staff, 

  • General Guidelines

    • Post length: approximately 800-1500 words, depending on examples or graphics 
    • Paragraph length: Short to medium (~ 100 – 200 words), single-spaced 
    • Audience/Tone: As you are conversing with peers, the tone should be conversational/anecdotal. However, diverse disciplines are represented, if academic/scholarly jargon is used, terms should be defined and concepts explained. 
    • Citations: APA formatting (using footnotes/endnotes are acceptable) 
    • A short bio of the author (~ 50 – 100 words) 
    • Include reference section and option for “Further Reading” section with 1-3 suggested readings or other related media 
    • Images, tables, and graphs (optional):  
      • Max: 2 
      • Pixel ratio: 400 x 400 (max) 
      • Format: jpeg, jpg, png 
      • Includes alternative text 


    Note: Most deadlines for The CTRL Beat are flexible and submissions are reviewed on rolling basis. Contact editorial team,, if you need an extension on a full draft submission.