Welcome to the CTRL Beat!

We are so pleased to share the second issue of The CTRL Beat with our AU Community and continue this journey to cultivate community knowledge on teaching, research, and learning.

Below is a letter from our Editors, expressing our thanks to past and present contributors and outlining the themes of the issue. Links for this issue’s articles follow. 

Dear Reader,  

In this issue, you will read from a variety of voices discussing both teaching- and research-related practices, covering topics on accessibility, anti-racist and inclusive practices, and supporting the whole student. We are also honored to share insights from the 2022 University Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award recipients. 

We continue to learn so much after the release of our first issue, hearing from many of our CTRL Inclusive Pedagogy Fellows, CTRL staff, and faculty who highlighted the importance of inclusive, student-centered practices. On behalf of The CTRL Beat editorial team, we would like to extend immense gratitude to our faculty contributors of the first issue: Dr. Talisa Carter, Dr. Krisztina Domjan, Dr. Amaarah DeCuir, and Dr. Ericka Menchen-Trevino. 

These authors not only helped bring this project to fruition but presented an exemplar for future issues. The impact of their contributions is ongoing; we hope that previous issues of The CTRL Beat will continue to be referenced as a source of inspiration and insight even as new issues are released. You can access past issues of The CTRL Beat in our archive. 

We encourage you all to share these valuable insights with your colleagues, communities of practice, and departments. And as always, thank you all for engaging with The CTRL Beat.  

Note: Two articles in this issue address topics of sight and visualization. In many ways, they might contrast each other. Our purpose in sharing these articles with the larger AU community is to challenge our perceptions on the connection between ability and learning. By providing these two perspectives, we hope to expand what it means to be inclusive in a broader sense.

Yours truly,  

Kathryn Grossman, Managing Editor  

Hannah Jardine, Executive Editor  

Iana Amiscaray, (former) Managing Editor