Welcome to the CTRL Beat!

Below is a letter from our Editors, expressing our thanks to past and present contributors and outlining the themes of the issue.

Links for this issue’s articles follow. 

We hope the third issue of The CTRL Beat (see links to articles below) provides our AU Community with knowledge and resources to tackle a new year of learning. 

This issue of The CTRL Beat features articles on vital teaching and learning topics including accessibility, classroom technology, formative assessments, breaking news in the classroom, and professional development from a diversity of perspectives.  

In service to The Beat’s commitment to equity and inclusion, this issue includes contributions from a variety of viewpoints, from veteran scholars to graduate student instructors, coaches, and undergraduate students.  

We, the editors, have immense pride in the perspectives our authors provide. As you review these new articles and check out past issues in our archive, we know you will gain insights that will inspire you as you begin this new semester.  


Kind regards, 

Kathryn Grossman, Managing Editor  

Hannah Jardine, Executive Editor