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The Rhetoric of an Image (Proverb)

Proverb of Breaking Down an Image

One of the most revolutionary items in modern day is a simple image. Images are made up of countless elements like color, mood, and most importantly context. Images are part of our daily lives. According to Jenna Pack Sheffield, “Visual rhetoric is a means of communication that uses images to create meaning or to make an argument.” (Sheffield) This is one of the main themes in her passage. Sheffield stated this to demonstrate that even though pictures seem ordinary, many of them have a far deeper meaning and can persuade us without our knowledge.

Humans are all hardwired to keep memories, it is only natural for us. But how many memories can you recall before some begin to slip away? This is where images come in, they help us secure our brightest moments, with no chance of being forgotten. Something that is often related to images are texts. Texts like articles or poems may be able to paint a picture in your mind but they will never be able to fully recreate an image that the author has in mind. Images are one of a kind, they show off many different types of components. Some of the components mentioned by Sheffield are purpose, tone, and scale; all of which are crucial to creating an image. The power of images are displayed by how all of the elements fit together, giving the audience a particular feeling only achievable by vision.

To conclude, images are all around us, we see them digitally, in stores, and quite frankly everywhere. Pictures can be of great influence to us, they exhibit many moods and objects specifically put there. Advertisements for example are images that have persuasion, they encourage consumers to buy a product. Images have the ability to influence us into wanting to do something or vice versa.

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