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I first got interested in climate change and environmentalism when I took the course AP Environmental Science in high school. In the course I learned about different issues happening to the planet and different groups that are trying to help, support, and stop the changes that are effecting the earth. Climate change is one of the big topics that I learned about and it is any changes in temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns, among other effects, that occur over several decades or longer. We also learned about the influence of human beings on nature which is also known as anthropogenic. It got me more interested in the topic knowing that a lot of the issues were human caused, which means that there is more hope in fixing or lessening the issues, rather than not knowing where the source of the issues are coming from. The career that I am currently considering is working in the medical field as a Physicians Assistant. This career path correlates to environmentalism because the environment and our surroundings have a influence on our health. For example, the air that people are breathing in, the water that people are drinking, and the food that people are eating all affect their health. In order to be healthy the air needs to be safe to breathe in, the water needs to be filtered properly, and the food needs to be clean and even better if its organic. As a physicians assistant, they care for people everyday who come into the hospitals and offices with health issues. Indirectly, environmentalism effects people, and those people are going to physician assistants, so they are all connected by a chain of events. Overall, I am very interested in learning about the environment and all the ways that we can improve the damages occurring and affecting Earth.

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  1. I feel some ideas could be better explained, for instance in the second sentence the mention of “different issues” and “different groups”? Is the issue specific to climate change? On the other hand, she was able to connect her AP Environmental Science class to her future plans of becoming a physician assistant, in addition, to showcasing her knowledge from class by defining anthropocene. Towards the end she even goes more into detail of the environment’s affect on health. Just like how I do not plan to be an environmental science major, but in understanding topics such as climate change can allow international studies majors (like myself) to better formulate global policies for clean water and air.

  2. To start things off, this is probably my first blog comment ever so pardon me for any errors I made. I generally enjoyed reading your blog, and I have some small relatable experiences. I took AP Environmental Science in high school around the DMV area. Though I did not get a score good enough for credit, I still learned a lot throughout the course. I liked your thoughts about what climate change is about. I agree that it is anything that changes the temperature, weather, and other effects that are made through years. I had not realized that climate change can also affect the health of humans. I always thought it was more of an animal view point in which human interactions affect nature. Overall, I thought that this was a great post to start off with and can’t wait to see what others have thought about.

  3. I also have a strong interest in climate change because of its unexpected butterfly effects, such as rising sea levels and global warming. Many of the immediate consequences are already in front of us. So I agree with you that the root of the problem is exposed. Also, your reference to the relationship between physical health and the environment is supported by evidence. But I’m going to focus more on how environmental problems can be prevented, because ecological degradation doesn’t just cause health problems, and some people may not be able to live as normal lives as they used to.

  4. I also took an environmental science course in highschool and found it very interesting. It is incredible how much this one subject is connected to many different fields of work. As you mentioned, climate change relates to being a physicians assistant with all the adverse health effects that humans are putting into the environment. Nowadays every field of study and occupation must make choices reflective on the state of the environment. Often times the most efficient methods of work are provided by ecosystem services even though they are being hindered by humans. As the world becomes more and more polluted I believe that one of the most efficient methods of preventing further degradation will come from an understanding of the monetary benefit that these natural processes provide for industries and quality of life.

  5. The first thing that stuck out to me in this post was your connection between your intended career (Physicians Assistant) to environmentalism, which is not something that I have thought to have much of a connection before. It is also very nice to see someone who became interested in climate change and environmentalism because of a class in high school.

  6. It is really good to study systematically about climate change and environmental protection through AP courses in high school. This effective theoretical knowledge will certainly help you to understand environmental problems. Indeed, the culprit in the current series of environmental problems is ourselves. I think everyone should take responsibility for environmental protection. We should not only learn the basic knowledge of environmental problems but also learn to use the scientific measures of modern society to make up for the mistakes we made before and protect the environment now. It is really important to learn how to protect the environment. I hope you will study and implement more environmental protection issues and measures throughout your career in the future.

  7. I liked how you connected the need to preserve the environment and how that affects health. I would not have made that connection that quickly unless if it was not from reading your blog post. The connection between your interest in being a physician assistant and how the environment affects health was very good. I did not get a chance to take AP Environmental Science in high school, however, my friends who took it informed me about similar topics that you mentioned in your post. This post made me question what other aspects of life that the environment has an impact on indirectly.

  8. I also took the course in environmental science this semester and learned a lot of knowledge about the earth and the environment. I am also very interested in how human activities affect the earth. This course can help us better understand the knowledge of environmental protection. And, there are indeed many industries related to environmental protection, such as how factories handle sewage and plastic bags problem in supermarkets. Therefore, protecting the environment requires people from all industries to work together, and everyone’s behavior will have an impact on the environment.

  9. I thought it was good to mention AP Environmental Science in high school from the start because I believe many people first became interested in the health of the environment from either that course or a very similar one. This allows the reader to immediately relate to what you are saying and more intrigued by your future ideas. I liked that you included the word “anthropogenic” as well as defined it because it is a common word we use in class and if someone were to read this and had not taken this course, they may not know the definition. I also liked that you connected your intended career with environmentalism. This connection is not one that most would make and it is important to be aware of the effects of the environment on every career field. I really enjoyed reading this post. It was written well, had good points, and was fun to get to know you better!

  10. I enjoyed reading through your blog because of how you were able to tie in your intended career path with sustainability. It has always been mind boggling to me to hear people say that climate change would not affect them or their daily lives. Climate change affects every person whether that be the increased taxes one must pay to make up for the damages caused by it, or a direct affect like an island being flooded. I think that it is important for all of us to understand that climate change affects our entire civilization, not just certain individuals.

  11. I think you did a really strong job implementing ethos into your post since you talked about taking AP Environmental Science, which is a class that I have never been remotely close to taking so you certainly seem to have credibility to be discussing this topic. I think it was also very effective how you discussed your personal life and career choice and how that relates to the environment, I would have never thought about how being a physician’s assistant relates to climate change, but it is clear that there is a strong relationship, demonstrating how much you care about the topic.

  12. I think you did a really strong job implementing ethos into your post since you talked about taking AP Environmental Science, which is a class that I have never been remotely close to taking so you certainly seem to have credibility to be discussing this topic.

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