Media Outlet Audiences (Gloria, Nina, and Kaitlyn)

New York Times (

Audience: educated male, liberal-thinker, into business and politics

Mother Jones (

Audience: feminist, liberal-thinker, from the working-class

The Economist (

Audience: educated male, into world news, economics, business and finance

Plan your Op-Ed (Gloria Li)

The debate or controversy that I am writing about is _ _veganism’s effect on climate change. ___

The Debate in this Topic is on __ whether going vegan has an impact on climate change as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural farming and deforestation rates. Other benefits include putting an end to animal cruelty and improving human health__.

In this debate, I think/believe/argue __that going vegan can stop the increase of climate change_ _.

My position is important because it helps us understand/know that _our actions have an impact on the future_.

Gloria’s Sources for the Effects of Choosing to be Vegan


The New York Times article is rather relatable as the author Melissa Clark has dealt with the struggle of deciding whether to go vegan or not.


Veganism and Climate Change

The Deliciously Ella podcast specifically talks about the consequences-deforestation, increase in greenhouse gas emissions- if humans continue to meat.

Visual Text:

The TEDx Talk combines all three rhetorical structures (ethos, pathos, and logos) into a very effective speech.

Gloria’s Blog

When I was eight to ten years-old, climate change was not as prominent of an issue. It is because of environmental advocates like Greta Thunberg, who have given climate change so much social buzz. In class, students often say “climate change is an issue” and do nothing about it. The fact is “humans” are so ingrained in using resources such as oil and plastic.  For instance, I have to drive my car, how else will I get to school or work? If I bike it will take too long. If I take the metro or public bus, then how will I get to destinations not on the transit route? My point is these  “alternatives” to driving a car are not practical.   I mean we all know “humans” are emitting ten times the amount of carbon deemed necessary. I think the power is in the hands of corporations, the newer models do not have to run on gasoline, instead make them all electric. Even when I head into Starbucks for my usual cool lime refresher, I would always use a plastic straw and cup. If I remembered to bring a reusable cup then I would use it, but oftentimes I would forget. This happens because we live in such a “fast-pace” and “convenient” world.

For the most part, I have taken classes on environmentalism. All of which are relevant. In biology, there are discussions on species going extinct. The question I would always think of is the affect of climate change on personal health. There are tons of studies from the World Health Organization (WTO) and National Institute of Health (NIH) stating the increase in carbon emissions will increase air pollution and lead to an increase in the number of lung cancers. If “humans” will not change their habits for the sake of animals, then do it for health? Maybe when looking for a new car buy the electric one. Such efforts will work. Now at Starbucks, I no longer have to drink from a plastic straw.