The op-ed I found on wired was written by a father on April 1st about climate change and coronavirus. He wrote about how he was coming back from a ski trip with his children and they were discussing cliamte change becasue there wasn’t much snow as there normally would be. The conversation turned into a bit of an agrument when one of his children asked what invention would be able to help? He responded with a better battery, which became the topic of his op-ed, and he talks about hwo they would maybe put together a better battery with today’s technology.

This is a very different style of writing from a scholarly article or journal because there’s no evidence or logos, it’s just the writer’s opinion and point of view throughout the whole article.

Link: https://www.wired.com/story/climate-issue/

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  1. Great op-ed, Laura. Some op-eds do have logos and others are more like personal narratives/blogs, this one seems to be like the latter.

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