Leadership Project Overview

For my team’s action project we began by researching economic inequality and its causes within the United States.  Through this process, we found a lack of access to financial literacy education to be an underlying factor in determining the economic success of individuals once at an adult age.  We decided to focus on this fact in the implementation phase of our action project.

Because our research demonstrated that financial literacy education was an underlying determinate of future economic success we decided that our efforts would be best put to use running a fundraiser for an organization dedicated to spreading financial literacy education within the DMV area.  We formed a partnering relationship with the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, an established organization founded in DC that provides financial education seminars to historically black colleges and universities within the United States.

For our fundraising, we used a social media campaign in which we created Instagram and Facebook infographics that we shared out with our peers.  We used this social media campaign to explain the importance of financial education within the issue of economic inequality, as well as collect funds from those around us.

By the end of our campaign, we were able to raise $684, far above the goal of $500 that we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the semester, and will be ending our campaign with a seminar provided to AU by the SFE&PD.

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