Social Action Research Project

Over the course of her sophomore year, Allison  investigated parental drug abuse and children’s well-being. Specifically she asked, “To what extent does parental drug abuse impact a child’s educational level?” During the second semester, she held a school supplies drive to donate materials to the mothers at the Women with Children’s program at Samaritan’s Inn.

Research Materials

Annotated Bibliography

In this document, the beginning sources that examine drug abuse, child outcomes, and those topics in relation to opioids are annotated, specifically looking at bias, main arguments, and limitations. It has been done in MLA format and covers six sources. In order to view, click on, “Annotated Bibliography.”

Literature Review  

This document is a conversations between the sources outlined in the annotated bibliography. It begins with an outline of the generally outcomes of parental opioids abuse, and then moves on to examine more closely the impact that drugs have on parenting and then the effect that parenting has on children. In order to view, click on, “Literature Review.”


This document is a series of questions that cover a range of issues within the opioid epidemic. Questions were sorted an then asked to experts in academia; practitioners in the field of law enforcement, education, and government; and a survey that was distributed to everyday people. In order to view, click on, “Questionnaire.”


This document is a analysis of three different pieces of legislation from across the United States, including the STOP Act of 2018, Issue 1 Ballot Referendum in Ohio, and the TN Together Legislation. In order to view, click on, “Policy Matrix.”


This document is a policy memo which examines the effects of parental opioid abuse on children’s education levels. It includes an executive summary, a section discussion the necessary background information, an analysis of the key stakeholders, and an appraisal of past solutions. In order to view, click on, “Policy Memo.”

Social Action Project

FINal research and Project poster  

This document is the final poster that details of what the social action project was and how it was completed. In order to view, click on, “Final Research and Project Poster.”