Nourished Performance - Individual

For the athlete who wants to take charge of their health and performance

This program is:

→ Evidence-based

→ Tailored to the unique needs of young athletes

→ Fun and engaging

→ Easy to incorporate into daily life

→ Developed to help you improve performance and health

→ Free from fad diets or strict diet regimens

→ Encouraging of a healthy, sustainable relationship with food


Module 1: What is RED-S & Why Does It Matter To Me?

In this lesson we answer the question: What is RED-S? We will explore the definition, give an overview of the condition and share some statistics. We will also discover the short and long term health and performance consequences of RED-S and how we can make changes now to avoid RED-S and balance our training with proper fueling

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Module 2: Let's Talk Macros: The Basics of Carbs, Fats and Protein

Here we will explore the different macronutrients: carbohydrate, fat and protein. We will learn the basics of metabolism and how our body converts each macronutrient into energy for use during our sport. We will discuss the important role each plays in the diet of young athletes

Module 3: What Should I Eat? Pre-Game Fuel

We put our knowledge of macronutrients to use as we learn how the perfect pregame meals. We will focus on how to fuel the night before, 4 hours before and 1 hour before a hard competition or workout. 


Module 4: What Should I Eat? Post-Game Recovery

Post-game nutrition is an often overlooked yet vital part of athletic success. In this video we dig into Nourished Performance’s 4 R’s of recovery nutrition.


Module 5: Hydration Station

It’s not all about food! Keeping properly hydrated is important for everyone, especially athletes. This week we will learn all about the benefits of proper hydration.

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