Greetings 2015-2016 Olson Scholars!  This is the site that we will  use throughout SISU-206 and 306 (and beyond) to discuss research methodology, your own research, and more.  You should all have received login/password information and instructions for setting up your own personal sites during the week of June 29.  I see that several of you have also started setting up your sites–that is great!  If you haven’t already logged in and started setting up your own site, I’d recommend doing so soon.  This is an easy summer project to get you ready for the coming year, and it is also pretty fun!  If you need any help, please be sure to check out the Help & Support page.

I will be in touch via email and via this site over the summer as we prepare for the coming academic year.  To get us started thinking about research, I’ll be posting some summer reading suggestions from Dean Jackson, Dr. Field, Dr. Shinko, and me, in the next couple of days.  Everything we do over the summer is optional, but a bit of reading and discussion (on this site) will help keep your mind engaged and prepared for the coming year and for your own research journey.  Check back soon for more on this site!