Patel Op Ed Response

The article “The pandemic isn’t fixing climate change” by John Sutter outlines the ways that the Coronavius pandemic seems to have alleviated the effects of climate change, but is not the actual solution and is not something we should be celebrating.

It is clear to me that this is an opinion piece because the author does not use formal language that is present in scholarly articles and essays. When discussing the current climate crisis dialogues, Sutter asserts that “the way we’re talking about all of this is gross” (Sutter 2020). By using language like “gross” it is clear that he is inserting his very personal opinion into the article. Sutter also includes lots of “I” language, for example “If there’s one tiny silver lining that I take from the way individuals are responding to the coronavirus pandemic”… By using “I”, Sutter makes it clear that what he is writing about are his own experiences and opinions.

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  1. Briana, I like the fact that you point out his use of “I”—some op-eds can be very personal and narrative-based, almost like blogs.

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