Tangyu Zhang’s Op-ed Post

3 billion birds have vanished from our skies. Can we ever bring them back?

The article explains several reasons for the dramatic decline of birds in the United States over the years, and warns of the importance of birds to nature. The authors suggest several ways to help birds survive, and urge people to bring them back.

I think this is an op-ed article because it has a clear point of view. Unlike a news report, which is simply a statement of fact, this article has a point of view supported by the author. For example, the author at the end of the article also clearly stated that we need to beautify the natural environment together. Further more, the article also has evidence and data to support her opinion, which makes the article more readable and believable.

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  1. Laura, language and diction is definitely being used in your source to make it readable and believable, good observation.

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