Sadie Herman Plan Your Op-Ed

The debate or controversy that I am writing about is the issue that climate change has continuously been getting worse overtime and no action has been made to drastically help it. With the coronavirus going on, the effects will only worsen and get worse. How come action was taken so fast to COVID-19 but can’t be taken to help slow the effects of climate change and the earth.

The Debate in this Topic is on what does COVID-19 have to do with Climate Change. Articles that support this claim includes:

In this debate, I think/believe/argue that although COVID-19 may seem that it is helping the climate and climate change currently, in the long-term there are going to be even more negative effects that come out once all the chaos with COVID-19 settles.

My position is important because it helps us understand/know that people need to take action and help that the effects of climate change sooner rather than later. If people took action to climate change and put the same time, money, and effort that they did into the coronavirus, things would be very different and we would have never reached this point with climate change.


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