Plan Your Op-ed (Kaitlyn Tran)

The debate or controversy I am writing about is how the COVID-19 pandemic has effected climate change and further improvements that can be done to reduce damage to the environment. Due to the current virus outbreak, people are staying inside and the environment has been improving, but there needs to be a long term solution to overcome climate change by the time we return to our daily routines.

The debate in this topic is whether or not COVID-19 has opened more peoples’ eyes to the effect we as humans had on climate change, and their plan to tackle it now seeing the direct results. Will there be a long term solution to stopping climate change, or was it a temporary fix?

In this article, the author discusses that due to the slowdown of humans, there has been a decrease in air pollution. a

In this article, the European Union states that they have seen current decreases in greenhouse gases and air quality has gone up. Seeing these drastic changes, the EU environment chief states that they have to come up with a future plan that is sustainable and works well with a sustainable economy that is in the best interest of both earth and the people.

In this article, the author addresses the economy that has possibly impacted carbon dioxide emissions, and what we can do from here to make sure that it remains low.

In this debate I think/believe/argue that people will start to see and acknowledge that it is time to address the issue of climate change. It has been put on the back burner for too long, and now is the best time to think of new ways and practices to keep carbon emissions low as well as reducing pollution to end climate change.

My position is important because it helps us understand/know that climate change is as serious of an issue as the newest virus pandemic and society has to come together to take charge and create longterm sustainable solutions to overcome climate change.

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