Plan Your Op-ed – Zoe Smith

The debate or controversy that I am writing about is privileged nations must combat racist policies in order to stop climate change. In summary, I want to write about the importance of combatting environmental racism, as it is so common.

The Debate in this Topic consists mostly understanding how language and policies persist to continuously hurt communities of color as well as developing nations. There has been an increase in the American right using racist language to treat climate change as a threat from other nations. I will argue that this is dangerous and is hurting the process of environmental justice and reform.________________________________. (Summarize some of the major positions in the debate in a couple of sentences. Give links to 3-4 articles that take these positions.)

“White Supremacy Goes Green”–

“What do racism and poverty have to do with pollution and climate change?”–

“Are there two different versions of environmentalism, one “white,” one “black”?”–

In this debate, I think/believe/argue  that race and privilege must be at the forefront climate reform discussion.

My position is important because it helps us understand/know the importance of creating comprehensive climate policy through understanding how discrimination functions in the justice system.

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