Midsemester Course Analysis

As we approach the midterm of the semester our students have a clear understanding of how our courses are structured and what to expect. This is the perfect time to elicit formative feedback from students. The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning (CTRL) is available to facilitate a formative feedback discussion with your students to provide you with a Midsemester Course Analysis. CTRL team members will come to your class for the 30 minutes while you leave the class. We will facilitate a discussion with your students that focuses on what is going well, what can be improved upon, and what changes might be helpful. CTRL will then provide you with the analysis results of the whole class discussion. This report is entirely for your use and CTRL will not share it with anyone else.

  • Types of questions we pose to students:

    1. Which aspect of the course is most helpful to you?
    2. Which aspect of the course is least helpful to you?
    3. Are there any suggestions you would like to make about how to improve the course?
  • Typical Timeline (approximately 2 weeks from initial request)

    • Submit request
    • CTRL responds within two business days to set up brief consultation and determine the best date for the in-class conversation
    • Consultation to determine what faculty member is interested in gaining from this process
    • CTRL in-class discussion with students (faculty member is not present)
    • Within one week CTRL will compile the responses and feedback (anonymized) to create a report to the faculty member
    • CTRL staff meets with faculty member to debrief


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If you have any questions, email CTRL.

Be sure to make your request at least one week before the midterm of your course. The last day we conduct a Midsemester Course Analysis for spring 2020 is February 28th. The deadline for requests for spring 2020 is February 21st. We set these deadline to ensure you have enough time to debrief with us, as well as your students, as responding to their feedback is the most important part of this process.