CTRL Staff

Our staff is teleworking as part of American University’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Email is the best way to reach us.

image of Erin Horan

Erin Horan

Assistant Director for Research, Assessment & Pedagogy

Erin Horan, PhD, is the Assistant Director for Research, Assessment & Pedagogy in the CTRL at American University. Her work and consultations are aimed at advancing research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. She guides faculty through systematically investigating their teaching in order to make informed instructional decisions and share their research findings with publications, presentations, and other scholarly outlets. Her research interests include the assessment of programming efforts in Centers for Teaching and Learning and the efficacy of various methods of evaluating teaching such as teaching portfolios and student evaluations of teaching.



Hannah Jardine

Instructional Designer

Hannah Jardine, PhD, is an instructional designer for the Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning at American University. At CTRL, Dr. Jardine supports faculty development through facilitating pedagogical training workshops, conducting one-on-one consultations, and developing resources and programming around inclusive and excellent teaching.



image of Kiho Kim

Kiho Kim

Executive Director

Kiho Kim (he/him) is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and is the Executive Director of the Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning at American University. His research focuses on understanding how environmental drivers, such as nutrient pollution and climate change, affect the health of coral reefs. His current work documents the impact of development on coastal ecosystem health in support of conservation, protection, or mitigation efforts in the tropical Western Pacific.



image of stephanie ko

Stephanie Ko

Instructional Designer

Stephanie Ko is an instructional designer at American University’s Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning. She provides consultations and group trainings to AU faculty by incorporating innovative and evidence-based pedagogies in all aspects of teaching including course and curriculum design, syllabus development, and alignment of learning outcomes to instruction and assessments.


image of Brian McGowan

Brian McGowan

Associate Director of Pedagogy & Higher Education Research

Dr. McGowan’s research focuses on gender, race, and postsecondary educational outcomes; and college teaching and learning. A critical constructivist, McGowan’s interdisciplinary research is driven by questions related to Black men and faculty experiences in higher education. He is best known for his contributions to the college student development literature regarding the social context of identity and Black men’s interpersonal relationships.



image of anna olsson

Anna Olsson

Associate Director of Program & Events

Anna started working for the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning (CTRL) as a graduate fellow, and resumed the position of Manager of Training and Assessment, and later Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Resources, in CTRL’s Teaching and Learning Resources office in 2009. In this position, Anna is responsible for planning and organizing faculty events such as the Ann Ferren Conference, the Teaching, Research, and Technology Workshops, and Noontime Conversations. She also runs the Green Teaching Program.



image of Eric Schuler

Eric R. Schuler

Quantitative/Computational Research Methodologist

Eric R. Schuler is a research methodologist specializing in quantitative and computational methods at the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning. In this role, he provides methodological consultations to American University faculty, staff, and students. Eric has a background in Bayesian inference, generalized linear mixed models, Monte Carlo statistical simulations, structural equation modeling, and a broad range of psychometric analytic methods.



image of Lindsay Studer

Lindsay Studer

Program and Event Coordinator / Webmaster

Lindsay is the Center for Teaching, Research & Learning’s Program and Event Coordinator. Lindsay coordinates a range of events from the initial idea to the finished experience. This includes small workshops, catered lectures, multi-day events, as well as the Ann Ferren Conference. She also serves as CTRL’s Webmaster and oversees digital content and marketing.



image of Shari Watkins

Shari Watkins

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Shari Earnest Watkins is a Research Fellow, for the Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning at American University. Dr. Watkins’ research focuses on increasing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career attainment for K-20 students who have been historically underrepresented and marginalized in STEM through scholarship that focuses on equity and inclusion. Dr. Watkins also focuses on scientists of color, science teacher education, informal science learning and professional development for K-12 science teachers.


CTRL Part-Time Staff

image of Sakshi Agrawal

Sakshi Agrawal

Program and Event Coordinator

Main Office

photo of Iana

Iana Amiscaray

Instructional Design Consultant

Teaching Support

image of Beverly

Beverly Auman

Qualitative Research Consultant

Research Support

image of Sara Baba

Sara Baba

Program and Event Coordinator

Main Office

image of Gaspard

Gaspard Delaoustre

Graphic Designer

Main Office

image of Gavin

Gavin Frome

Instructional Design Consultant

Teaching Support

image of Naziha Sultana

Naziha Sultana

Program and Event Coordinator

Main Office