Midsemester Feedback Services

CTRL offers services and resources to help you collect feedback from the students in your classes, a key aspect of inclusive teaching. We especially encourage this practice at the midsemester point, to draw on student feedback in order to implement it before the end of a course and build an even stronger learning community as the semester progresses. Midsemester feedback from students also supports your reflective professional development and can be included as part of the Student Assessment of Teaching section in your Teaching Portfolio 

Which of our midsemester feedback services is right for you?

Self-Administered Survey: If you want support developing and self-administering your own informative midsemester feedback survey, come to our workshop “Collecting & Responding to Midsemester Feedback from Students” on  September 21st at 2:30 pm or September 29th at 12:55pm, or review our Self-Administered Mid-Semester Feedback Surveys Guide. Register for either of the workshops here. 

Midsemester Course Analysis (MCA):The MCA is a more intensive feedback process that involves a CTRL team member visiting your class to facilitate a 30-minute feedback discussion with your students.

MCA requests have closed for this semester. We will start accepting requests again in Spring 2023. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to explore other options for collecting student feedback on this page.

Instructor Consultation:You can also request a consultationat any time with a CTRL Teaching & Learning team member to receive feedback on any aspect of your course, such as assignment structure, accessibility, or syllabus design.

Whichever method you choose, CTRL staff are here to work with you to interpret the feedback and develop strategies for acting on it. If you have any questions about these services or want to discuss which makes sense for you, please email ctrl@american.edu.  

Midsemester Course Analysis (MCA)

A Midsemester Course Analysis (MCA) is designed to provide students with the opportunity to contribute feedback individually and in conversation with their peers. During an MCA, a CTRL Teaching and Learning team member visits a synchronous class session for 30 minutes and facilitates a discussion among students. The discussion will address what aspects of the class are going well, what can be improved upon, and what changes you can make in your classroom that will be helpful to your students. CTRL will then meet with you to debrief the results of the whole class discussion. In this debrief, we will discuss your students’ feedback, how to interpret that feedback, and strategies for implementing the feedback within your course.   In the meeting after the feedback collection, CTRL provides you with an analysis of the results and the whole class discussion. This report is entirely for your use and CTRL will not share it with anyone else. 

Types of questions we pose to students: 

  • Which aspect of the course is most helpful to you? 
  • Which aspect of the course is least helpful to you? 
  • Are there any suggestions you would like to make about how to improve the course? 

Fall 2022 Important Dates and Deadlines

  • September 21: Deadline for faculty to request an MCA
  • October 3 – 13: CTRL staff member facilitates MCA in-class conversation
  • October 17-21: CTRL staff member meets with instructor to debrief results and discuss strategies for implementation

MCA requests have closed for this semester. We will start accepting requests again in Spring 2023. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to explore other options for collecting student feedback on this page.

Self-Administered Midsemester Feedback Surveys

If you are interested in creating your own midsemester survey, CTRL can support you in designing and self-administering a formative feedback survey to your students. First, please access the CTRL Self-Administered Mid-Semester Feedback Surveys Guide, which includes sample survey questions, steps and considerations for administering and analyzing your survey, and information on how to respond to the results and discuss the feedback with your students. In addition, we invite you to attend one of our two “Collecting Midsemester Feedback workshops held on Wednesday September 21st or Thursday September 29th (register here). CTRL staff is also available for one-on-one consultations to discuss midsemester surveys, as well as any other topics related to teaching, research, and learning.