Hannah’s source on E-waste hazards

Podcast: After Dump, What Happens To Electronic Waste?


This podcast interviewed Jim Puckett, whose company monitors the e-waste trade.  In the interview, he described how e-waste is treated after it is thrown away, and how e-waste leaks people’s privacy.

Op-ed: The Human and the Environmental Effects of E-Waste.

The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste

This article mainly describes the harm of electronic waste to human health and the environment.  The article lists diseases that electronic products may cause, such as respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Documentary:  ToxiCity: life at Agbobloshie, the world’s largest e-waste dump in Ghana

This documentary mainly shows the current situation of the e-waste plant in Ghana, which is the largest e-waste plant in the world. The video not only captures the daily life of Ghanaians working in the e-waste field but also shows the appearance of the e-waste plant. Besides, the video shows how e-waste affects people’s health.




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