Ann Ferren Conference

Thank you for attending the 29th Annual Ann Ferren Conference:

January 12, 2018
Reimagining the Educator for the 21st Century

The Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning, in collaboration with the School of Education and the Office of Campus Life, thanks faculty and staff for attending the 29th Ann Ferren Conference “Reimagining the Educator for the 21st Century,” on Friday, January 12, 2018. This year’s conference focused on four broad topics: (A) Changing pedagogical paradigms; (B) Importance of mentorship; (C) Education as civic engagement; and (D) Technological innovations. The conference featured a morning plenary session, followed by 20 faculty-lead sessions, and concluded with a luncheon plenary with discussion.

If you have questions about the conference, please contact Anna Olsson by email or phone at 202-885-6077.