Fall 2017 Faculty As Learners Series

This year, CTRL is launching the Faculty as Learners Series, which consists of faculty development workshops aimed at promoting reflexive practice and a productive teaching-learning environment for all.

Making the Grade: Can Fairness and Equity Co-Exist in Our Grading Policies?

with Maria De Jesus (CTRL and School of International Service) and Amanda Taylor (School of International Service)

Date, Time, and Location TBD

This session will explore questions regarding fairness and equity surrounding grading policies: As educators, should we strive to “treat all students the same” in a one-size-fits-all grading system? How can we maintain equity and meet individual needs in our grading policies? Should our grading system be differentiated to accommodate the ability, social, cultural, and linguistic background of all students? How do we provide a meaningful grade to all students that accurately matches grades to their performance in the course while at the same time considering the individual needs of students? This session will also ask faculty to share strategies they’ve used to navigate these tensions in their classrooms.