The Milton and Sonia Greenberg Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award

The Milton and Sonia Greenberg Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award recognizes faculty who have made a significant contribution to research-based analyses of teaching practices or of curricular design. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is a movement in post-secondary education that promotes systematic analysis of the practice of teaching along with application of research-based approaches to instruction and curricular design.

Milton and Sonia Greenberg

Milton and Sonia Greenberg
  • Eligbility

    Any faculty member teaching full-time during the current academic year is eligible for nomination. Self-nominations are not eligible. Both individual faculty members and teams of faculty members may be nominated.

  • Terms of Award

    The winning faculty member (or faculty team) will receive an award of $3,000 in the form of a stipend. The winner will be invited to present his or her work at a CTRL event.

  • Selection Process

    Nominations may be made by any member of the AU faculty. The selection panel will be composed of the Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs (or designee), the Executive Director of CTRL, and a previous winner of the award.

  • Timeline

    Nominations open: October 16, 2017
    Final date to submit nominations: December 8, 2017
    Announcement of winner: December 2017

  • Nominations

    The nomination window for the 2017 Greenberg Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award has closed.

Previous Award Winners

2016 Winner

The 2016 Milton and Sonia Greenberg Scholarship of Teaching Learning Award was given to Cindy Bair Van Dam (CAS, Department of Literature).

In her roles as Chair of the university’s General Education Committee and co-chair of the Reimagining General Education Task Force, Cindy Bair Van Dam has spearheaded development of a new AU Core curriculum that encourages students to engage with complexity, value diversity and understand change. From their first exposure to the new Complex Problems and AU Experience courses, through to their capstone experiences, future AU students will benefit from Cindy’s vision, persistence, and commitment to the ideals of twenty first-century liberal education. General Education reform is notably one of the hardest efforts a university can undertake. Without Cindy’s exceptional leadership, the new AU Core would, quite simply, never have happened.

2015 Winner

The 2015 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award was given to Professor Betsy Cohn (School of International Service).

Since 2013, Betsy has served as SIS Faculty Coordinator for Teaching and Student Learning. Her expertise continues to be enriched by involvement with professional teaching conferences and knowledge of the current pedagogical literature. Betsy has also been most generous in sharing her insights about higher education with the larger university community, by regularly leading sessions at the CTRL August Workshops, the Ann Ferren Conference, and Noontime Conversations, and by mentoring students in the Greenberg PhD Seminars for Effective Teaching.

2014 Winner

The 2014 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award was given to Professor Brigid Maher (School of Communication).

Professor Maher was recognized for her contributions over several years in researching and designing an online course curriculum for the School of Communication’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Media. Her integration of the theories behind new methods of conveying information into the design of these courses have had a fundamental impact on the students in the program, both in the short run, by providing cutting-edge digital skills training, and in the long run, by opening new career paths, and it is our pleasure to recognize Brigid Maher for these accomplishments.

2013 Winner

The 2013 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award was given to Professor Teresa Larkin (CAS, Department of Physics).

Professor Larkin was selected for her research on writing-based pedagogical methods and learning-style assessments in the STEM classroom, as well as assessment of active-learning technologies inside and outside the STEM classroom.

2012 Winner

The 2012 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award was given to professor Ivy Broder (CAS, Department of Economics).

Professor Broder was selected for designing an online curriculum for her course on Economics of World Regions. The course, which was created for students in the university’s AU Abroad Program, incorporates students’ first-hand experiences and research via an online discussion board.

2011 Winner

The 2011 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award was given to Professor Derrick Coburn (School of International Service).

Professor Coburn won because of the integration of his study of cyber-learning and his teaching as integral parts of his curriculum design and implementation, while designing, implementing and evaluating cyber-learning for students with disabilities.