Greenberg PhD Seminars for Effective Teaching

The Greenberg Seminars for Effective Teaching will welcome AU PhD and MFA students to a two-year series of specialized workshops to develop professional skills for future faculty and alt-act careers. Topics include contemporary issues in higher education, course design across the curriculum, lecture and discussion techniques, teaching diverse populations, career management and advancement, and how universities work. We will provide hands-on guidance on preparing quality application materials for the academic job market and mentoring opportunities including shadowing faculty at area colleges. Students must commit to attending one day-long workshop on a weekend each semester for two years. Greenberg students are eligible for designated funds toward membership in professional organizations and conference participation. Students who complete the program will receive certificates of participation. For more information please contact the CTRL.
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Milton and Sonia Greenberg

This new course, previously known as the Greenberg Seminars for Teaching Excellence was originally designed by American University’s former Provost, Milton Greenberg. In his own words, the program:

Began as a government funded experiment and is now widely imitated in major universities. Three ideas underlie the Greenberg Seminar. First, teaching is both an art and science that can be learned through experiential study and practice. There is more to teaching than talking or listening for 50 minutes. Second, teaching should be prized as highly as research. There is no inherent conflict in being a both a scholar and a teacher and dedicating time and energy to their enhancement. Third, college and university teaching represents more than expertise in a scholarly discipline. It means that you are privileged to be part of an extended community that constitutes one of the most important professions in the world.

Year 2 Faculty Observations

Please contact your assigned mentor and send them your CV so they can get to know your background.

Suggested Guidelines:

The AU Greenberg mentee will observe 2 – 3 classes and, in consultation with the faculty mentor, choose 1 or 2 of the following options (based on the mentors, interest, time, and comfort level):

  1. Observe office hours for 1-2 hours, if faculty mentor is comfortable
  2. Observe faculty mentor grading assignments
  3. Observe faculty mentor preparing for a class

Articles to Review:

Boundaries with Office Hours

How to Be an Academic Without Working 60 Hours a Week

Office Hours

Office Hours: 6 Realities

Using Office Hours Effectively

Hidden Rules for Office Hours

Class Observations

Guidelines and Etiquette for Observers