Mathematica is a computational software program well suited for numerical analysis, graphical representation and functional analysis. It is capable of coding agent based models and running simulations.

Where can I use Mathematica on Campus?

Mathematica can be accessed in the following campus computer labs:

Anderson Computing Cluster

Grid Mathematica is also available for use on AU’s High Performance Cluster. This requires special permissions to use.

How can I get Mathematica on my computer?

Mathematica installation is handled though the College of Arts and Sciences.

How can I get support using Mathematica for research?

What workshops do you offer?

CTRL offers a variety of workshops each semester to train members of the AU community in the software that it supports. At this time we are offering on-demand, recorded software workshops due to AU’s current remote work policy. Examples of workshops we have offered in the past can be seen below.

On-demand videos and materials

Video 1How to get a copy of Mathematica and download from AU. 

Video 2Basics of Mathematica, functions, plotting. 

Video 3Solving equations, matrices, and working with dataframes. 

What resources can I access online?

Introduction to Mathematica (handout)

Wolfram Community

Wolfram YouTube Channel