Mathematica is a computational software program well suited for numerical analysis, graphical representation and functional analysis. It is capable of coding agent based models and running simulations.

Where can I use Mathematica on Campus?

Mathematica can be accessed in the following campus computer labs:

Anderson Computing Cluster

Grid Mathematica is also available for use on AU’s High Performance Cluster. This requires special permissions to use.

How can I get Mathematica on my computer?

Mathematica installation is handled though the College of Arts and Sciences.

How can I get support using Mathematica for research?

What workshops do you offer?

CTRL offers a variety of workshops each semester to train members of the AU community in the software that it supports. Examples of workshops we have offered in the past can be seen below, and you can follow the link to view our current schedule. If you are interested receiving training that is not listed in our regular workshop schedule, please contact us by email to request an appointment.

Introduction to Mathematica: Covers basic notebooks, cells and classroom assistant; simple math operations and basic functions; mathematic expressions and user written functions; and Solve and NSolve operations.

On-demand videos and materials

What resources can I access online?

Introduction to Mathematica (handout)

Wolfram Community

Wolfram YouTube Channel