Noontime Conversations

The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning sponsors two or three conversational lunches per semester focused on topics of special interest to Faculty. Past Noontime Conversations have included Navigating Diverse Political Ideologies in the Classroom and Beyond, Addressing Students’ Stress and Mental Health Issues, Active Learning: Why It Matters, and Building a Culturally Sustaining Classroom. If you have a particular issue you would like to share with faculty in this venue, please contact Anna Olsson, at x6077.

Fall 2018

Tuesday, September 25 | 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | MGC 3-5

Wednesday, October 10 | 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | MGC 3-4

Wednesday, October 24 | 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | McDowell Formal Lounge

Tuesday, November 6 | 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | MGC 3-4

Previous Session Topics

AY 17-18

Canons Under Fire: Struggles in Decolonizing University Curriculum
(4/25/18) (watch the video-recording)

Faculty Development Leadership Cohort: Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Enhancing Community-Engaged Scholarship and Teaching

Navigating Diverse Political Ideologies in the Classroom and Beyond
(3/6/18) (watch the video-recording)

Financial Challenges Faced By Many of Our Students
(2/19/18) (watch the video-recording)

Racial Literacy in the Wake of Charlottesville

Building a Culturally Sustaining Classroom
(9/19/17) (watch the video-recording)

AY 16-17

Judging the Veracity of Sources of Information
(2/28/2017) (watch the video-recording)

Bringing DC to Your Classroom

Strengthening Our Interactional Competence with Students

Free Speech and the Classroom: What to Consider
(10/20/2016) (watch the video-recording)

Examining Classroom Dynamics: Responding to Students
(9/21/2016) (watch the video-recording)

AY 15-16

Teaching First Year Students: Challenges and Opportunities
(3/31/2016) (watch the video-recording)

Transforming Courses through Open Educational Resources
(3/22/2016) (watch the video-recording)

Dealing with Conflicting Political Ideologies in the Classroom

Addressing Students’ Stress and Mental Health Issues: Strategies for Faculty
(1/28/2016) (watch the video-recording)

Internships as a Pathway from Liberal Arts to Careers

Active Learning: Why It Matters

Navigating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom
(8/26/15) (watch the video-recording)

AY 14-15

Reacting to the Past

Problem Based Learning

Combine Your iPad and iPhone To Teach, Present, Write, and Conduct Research

Doing the Reading: Is the Cost of Textbooks a Factor?

Student Voices: AU Undergraduate Curriculum

Ways To Help Students Improve Their Writing Skills

AY 13-14

eBooks in Higher Education: Reading Between the Lines

Learning and the Brain: Cognitive Processes that Underlie Learning (with Daniel Willingham)

“Out of Print” Film by Vivienne Roumani

Where’s Professor Waldo in the Lands of MOOCs

Connecting the Dots: Aligning Course Content in Undergraduate Curriculum

AY 12-13

Teaching with Research

Student Voices: Lessons from Student Survey Data

Another Student Recommendation?

Beyond SETs: Continuing the Conversation

The Art of Teaching – Perils and Pleasures of Pedagogical Interdisciplinarity

AY 11-12

Beyond SETs: Brainstorming the Possibilities

Teaching with Research

Can’t Get to Campus? How to Keep Your Class Going Anyway

Food for Thought – Using Gastronomy as an Incentive to Learn

Face time with the Teaching Coach: Tips and Tricks for Better Teaching

AY 10-11

Measures of Good Teaching

How to Quantify Great Ideas

Facebook Startup – New Classroom Tools

Valentine’s Luncheon: Researching Teaching and Teaching Research

Learning from Our Students: How Research on Our Teaching Informs Practice and Policy

Hybrid Courses: The Best of Both Worlds

AY 09-10

Mobility Learning in Education: The Future is Now

Reflections on What We Learned from the February Snow and Class Continuity

Evaluating Capstones, Comps and Significant Research Papers

Teaching with Research

Reflections on “Inspired Teaching”

Making Your Own Film As a Learning Tool