Peace and Conflict Resolution Databases

Armed Conflict Event Data

The Armed Conflict Events Data project provides researchers with military histories of documented conflictsoccurring between 1800 and 1999. At this time about 1500 conflicts are documented.



The Conflict Early Warning Systems (CEWS) Conflict Database includes 20 cases of recently resolved and unresolved inter-group conflicts.

Correlates of War

War takes many forms in the contemporary era, including serious military conflicts between states (inter-state war), between states and non-state actors (extra-state war), and within states (intra-state war). This data set records such events over the 1816-1997 period.

The Fund for Peace

Each year this NGO releases the Failed States Index. In addition to this quantitative measure, the Fund conducts extensive reports on most countries. There is also metrics in the works for assessing the impact of peacekeeping operations.

DICT Casualties and Incidents in Arab-Israeli Conflict

Founded in 1996, the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) is the leading academic institute for counter-terrorism in the world.


Located on United States Institute of Peace (USIP) premises, the core library collection encompasses over 12,000 items dealing with conflict prevention, management, resolution and diplomacy, negotiation, and mediation.

UNHCR Statistics

UNHCR seeks to contribute to informed decision-making and public debate by providing accurate, relevant and up-to-date statistics. This page provides data, trends and statistical reports on the “People of concern to UNHCR”: refugees, asylum-seekers, returned refugees, internally displaced and stateless persons in more than 150 countries.


International Conflict Research (INCORE). The CDS provides a comprehensive and detailed database on conflicts and conflict-related issues worldwide. It is a multifaceted resource, offering the latest information on conflicts in specific countries, thematic information as well as interdisciplinary guides on how conflict affects and interacts with other issues and phenomena. The CDS features an online database of peace agreements from around the world.

Minorities at Risk Project

The Minorities at Risk (MAR) Project is a university-based research project that monitors and analyzes the status and conflicts of politically-active communal groups in all countries with a current population of at least 500,000.

PRIO Network

This research network conducts excellent research on peacebuilding, intrastate wars, governance, and demographics.

UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia

This website is a database of information that is used in conjunction with SIPRI and PRIO. It continuously collects data on armed conflicts. It includes important definitions on armed conflicts around the world.


The University of Maryland’s Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) site hosts a number of useful datasets for understanding and resolving armed conflict, as well as datasets on minority rights. Notable Datasets include the International Crisis Behavior Project, Minorities at Risk Project, and the yearly Peace and Conflict project.

The Uppsala Conflict Data Project

The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) collects information on a large number of aspects of armed violence since 1946. Since the 1970s, the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) has recorded ongoing violent conflicts. This effort continues to the present day, now coupled with the collection of information on an ever broadening scope of aspects pertaining to organised violence, such as the resolution and dynamics of conflict.