STATA is statistical software that is excellent for work with cross-sectional data, time series, panel data and survey data analysis. Using STATA’s data-management features allows you to combine and reshape datasets, manage variables, and collect statistics across groups or replicates. STATA also has advanced tools for managing specialized data such as survival/duration data, time-series data, panel/longitudinal data, categorical data, multiple-imputation data, and survey data.


CTRL offers a variety of workshops each semester to train members of the AU community in the software that it supports. At this time we are offering on-demand, recorded software workshops due to AU’s current remote work policy. Examples of workshops we have offered in the past can be seen below.

On-demand videos and materials

Video 1: How to import data into AU Virtual Applications and Desktop, open files in Stata, run descriptive statistics, code/recode variables. 

Video 2: How to create visuals, run an independent samples t-test, correlation, simple OLS regression, multiple OLS regression, and export into word and move the files to the AU OneDrive. 

How can I get support using STATA for research?

Campus Availability

STATA can be accessed in the following campus computer labs:

AU Apps
Anderson Computing Cluster

STATA is also available for use on AU’s High Performance Cluster. This requires special permissions to use.

Availability for Installation

STATA is available for access by any member of the AU community through the AU Apps.