CTRL Student Partners Program

Student Partners work directly with CTRL staff to bring their voice and perspective to the conversation about teaching and learning at AU and integrate the student experience in CTRL’s work. Each Student Partner plans and implements their own unique contributions to benefit instructors and students on campus. Student Partners meet regularly throughout the semester to discuss effective instruction at AU and receive support and guidance from the CTRL team and each other.  

The program was co-designed with the support of the first group of Student Partners in Spring 2023, and the program will continue to grow and adapt based on the students involved and their ideas for how the program should run.  

Read more about the student partners and their projects. 

Program Outcomes

CTRL Student Partners will: 

  • Gain professional skills in collaboration, communication, and research, as well as leadership experience that increases their confidence and ability to self-advocate
  • Develop awareness as a learner and deepen their understanding of fundamental concepts from research on teaching and learning 
  • Generate unique contributions related to teaching and learning that will benefit the wider AU community 

As a result of the program, instructors, staff, and administrators will:   

  • Critically reflect on diverse perspectives and personal experiences among students at AU 
  • Reconceptualize learning and teaching as a collaborative process, in which students’ insights are valued and applied 
  • Create more effective, equitable, and meaningful courses and learning experiences by integrating student perspectives

The Role of a Student Partner

Student Partners typically work with CTRL for two semesters and focus on a specific project each semester. In addition, they are positioned as an informal student “advisory board, providing advice and insights to CTRL.  

Discussions with CTRL and other Student Partners

Student partners meet at least weekly as a group and with the CTRL team to discuss how to strive for equity and inclusion in teaching and learning at AU. In those meetings, we build supportive relationships and provide each other with feedback and suggestions on their projects and the program overall. Each student receives individualized coaching based on their chosen projects, which will help them to reach the professional goals they set for themselves.  

Resource and/or Event Contribution 

CTRL Student Partners work on their proposed projects over the semester, based on their individualized goals and timeline. They engage regularly with CTRL team member(s) for support, guidance, and accountability. Listed below are some examples of possible student projects, but CTRL Student Partners may propose additional options. 

Resource Creation  

  • Create a video, podcast, infographic, and/or blog post about the student experience in general, or on a specific topic related to teaching and learning  
  • Write an article, one-pager, or handout about a specific teaching strategy or tool and suggestions for how to implement, from the student perspective 
  • Create a resource meant for students, that instructors can distribute, to support student development (e.g., time management, study strategies, reading strategies) 
  • Host a focus group with other students and create a summary report of student insights and suggestions on a topic related to teaching and learning 

Event Participation 

  • Help CTRL plan a presentation or workshop for instructors that incorporates the student perspective on teaching and learning (and attend if possible) 
  • Provide video, audio, or written testimonials on the student perspective to be shared at CTRL events 
  • Lead or participate in a panel discussion about the student experience at AU that  instructors can attend 


Student Partner Application Process

We are interested in undergraduate student applicants from all majors, who will be at least sophomore standing upon starting. Applicants should demonstrate dedication to improving teaching and learning and the student experience at AU, and be self-driven, creative, and collaborative.  

Students who are interested in becoming a CTRL Student Partner should complete the brief application that asks about their background and interest in participation. Select students will be invited to an interview with CTRL team member(s) to discuss the program and their interest in more detail. During that meeting, the potential CTRL Student Partner and CTRL team member(s) will review the expectations of the program and ensure that the student is a good fit. 

Time Commitment & Compensation 

The overall time commitment, including the group meetings and individual project work on your own time, is 3-5 hours per week at a rate of $17.00 per hour worked. Outside of the in-person weekly meeting, the work is flexible and on students’ own time. The hourly wage for this position reflects the minimum wage for DC.