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Millennial Students and Community-Based Learning (CBL): A Perfect Match

The session is appropriate for all faculty—from those who have never taught a CBL course to those who are experienced in CBL, but want to explore new ideas and innovations.
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Encouraging Discussion, Participation, and Enthusiasm in Class

This interactive conversation provides an opportunity to learn various techniques and ideas for encouraging students to participate more in class discussions, and to be more enthusiastic and motivated.
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Supporting Student Engagement and Risk-Taking in the Classroom

In this session panelists will share how they create a classroom environment that connects students to each other and where students feel safe and supported, and as a consequence, are willing to take risks and be vulnerable.
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Building a Writer's Community in Your Classroom

Create a dynamic community of writers can support any class where papers are required.
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Beyond Old Newspapers: Local History Re-Examined

This session shows how DC history can be explained using little known University Library online tools such as primary source videos, photos, demographic Census data, and other items.
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How to Keep your Students Engaged during the Snowquester?

Tips to keep your classes going and your students focused on the class material while campus is closed.

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Ten Take-Aways: Facilitating Class Discussions and Navigating Difficult Conversations

There is an art to leading discussions in class that begins by considering your Student Learning Outcomes.
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Ten Take-Aways: Active Learning

Active Learning is a process in which students do more than passively receive information.