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Pedagogy’s Digital Swiss Army Knife: Explain Everything

Explain Everything draws from a range of educational technologies…

3 Tools for Facilitating Discussion Outside of Class: Piazza, Basecamp, and Slack

Written By: Emily Crawford Getting students to participate…
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The Rewards & Perils of Teamwork: Can It Be Taught?

This panel brings together multidisciplinary perspectives—from economics, sociology, business, and public administration—to discuss how educators can successfully bring into the classroom the varying real-world work contexts, incentive systems, and notions of fairness and justice that motivate successful teamwork.
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Tool Review: Kaltura

Kaltura is a web-based application used for uploading and managing video content, creating multimedia presentations, and interacting with students.
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Education Web Tools to Use in Your Classroom

Web tools can be a vibrant supplement to lectures or assignments…
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Google Drive: Docs, and Spreadsheets, and So Much More!

Written by: Evan Sanderson Google Drive isn’t just a great…
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Snow Day? Stay Connected.

Spring is finally around the corner along with its promise of…
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Organize Your (and Your Students’) News

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds and their little orange…
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Mobile Tool Review: Blackboard Collaborate

This Mobile Tool Review was written by John David Clark, Learning…

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Ten Take-Aways: Effective Group Projects

Planning and implementing effective group projects has many components.