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Examining Classroom Dynamics: Responding to Students

Written by: Lindsay Murphy On Tuesday September 21, CTRL hosted…
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Creating an Inclusive Classroom for Introverts, Ambiverts, and Extroverts

This panel of faculty and students discusses strategies for making the classroom inclusive to introverts (as well as ambiverts and extroverts).
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Pedagogical Strategies for Fostering Inclusivity that Radiates beyond the Classroom

This session offers strategies for leading in-class discussions that are mindful of power, privilege, and racial, ethnic, gender and cultural considerations.
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Supporting Student Engagement and Risk-Taking in the Classroom

In this session panelists will share how they create a classroom environment that connects students to each other and where students feel safe and supported, and as a consequence, are willing to take risks and be vulnerable.
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Using Mindfulness to Promote Well-being

This workshop provides a hands-on experience with mindfulness tools to enhance student engagement, improve mental health, and promote an optimal learning environment.

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Ten Take-Aways: The Impact of Prior Knowledge

Being sensitive to students’ prior knowledge and recognizing where relevant gaps exist is critical to support their learning in your course.
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Ten Take-Aways: Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusive classrooms are pro-social environments that encourage students to respect diversity of thought, background, and perspective.
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Ten Take-Aways: Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning is a way of making your course and curriculum more inclusive by removing barriers that inhibit learning.