3 Tools for Facilitating Discussion Outside of Class: Piazza, Basecamp, and Slack

Written By: Emily Crawford Getting students to participate…
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Tool Review: Kaltura

Kaltura is a web-based application used for uploading and managing video content, creating multimedia presentations, and interacting with students.
Working on a computer

Education Web Tools to Use in Your Classroom

Web tools can be a vibrant supplement to lectures or assignments…
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Wordpress: Making Blog Building Easy

Written by: Evan Sanderson Let’s reveal a little secret--all…
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Anki: The intelligent way to memorize

The Monthly App-etizer is CTRL’s regular feature where we talk…
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Prezi: Put A Little Zing In Your Lecture

Written by: Evan Sanderson If placing slide after slide is…
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Google Forms: Making Your Life Easier, One Form at a Time

Written by: Evan Sanderson You’re standing in front of class,…
Blackboard Collaborate

Mobile Tool Review: Blackboard Collaborate

This Mobile Tool Review was written by John David Clark, Learning…

Mobile Tool Review: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups allow instructors to facilitate a collaborative forum on a site that's already familiar to many students.
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Mobile Tool Review: Twitter

New Twitter users will be pleasantly surprised by how the tool can be seamlessly integrated into classroom lectures and other coursework.