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Students are responsible to adhere to the academic integrity code as written in the full Graduate Rules and Regulations. Each student is responsible for:

  • Pursuing conscientiously the academic objectives that he or she has set.
  • Conforming to the regulations of the university and the school or college in which the student is enrolled, and of the classes in which he or she is registered.
  • Knowing the requirements for their particular courses regarding such issues as collaborative work, use of study aids, or take home examinations.
  • Completing all examinations, tests, written papers and other assignments according to the standards set forth in the Academic Integrity Code.
  • Learning the conventions of documentation and acknowledgment of sources required in academic discourse.
  • Reporting suspected violations through the faculty member in whose course the alleged violation occurred, if the student wishes to bring forth a charge.

The honor code sets forth the standards of academic conduct, defines academic violations, and outlines the adjudication process for offenses to the code. It is the responsibility of the student to pursue their academic objectives while adhering to the policies set forth in the academic integrity code. Students in the MIS Program are expected to understand and adhere to the regulations set forth under the University honor code as well as the regulations set forth by each individual professor. If you have any questions regarding the Honor Code, you should direct these questions to the Graduate Program Office. Please review the full Honor Code.

Dean of Student’s Office

Experiencing something significant in your personal life that is impacting your schoolwork?

In the above 3-minute video, Traci Callandrillo, Assistant Vice President of Campus Life at American University, answers some frequently asked questions about the Dean of Student’s Office including:

  • What is the role of the Dean of Students?
  • How can the Dean of Students help?
  • When should I contact the Dean of Students?
  • How do I contact the Dean of Students?

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