MIS Concentration

In the MIS Executive program, 15 of the 30 credits required for the degree are dedicated to your concentration.

For ideas on how to combine courses to form a concentration, please refer to the second page of your Academic Advising Worksheet.

Advanced Standing

If you received advanced standing or course transfer credit, then these 3 or 6 credits are applied to your concentration. Applications for advanced standing must be received no later than mid-term of the student’s first semester in order to be considered. Please email mis@american.edu to request an application form.

Program Coordinators

The Program Coordinators for the traditional 2-year MA programs at SIS are a great resource for those looking to learn more about the courses and faculty associated with that degree program. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions!

Field Email Phone
Comparative & Regional Studies crs@american.edu 202-885-1760
Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs epga@american.edu 202-885-1621
Global Environmental Policy/ Natural Resources & Sustainable Development gep@american.edu 202-885-1683
Global Governance and Security ggps@american.edu 202-885-1843
International Communication/ Global Media icsis@american.edu 202-885-1621
International Development/ Development Management idpsis@american.edu 202-885-1657
International Economic Policy ier@american.edu 202-885-6713
Peace and Conflict Resolution peace@american.edu 202-885-1622
US Foreign Policy & National Security usfp@american.edu 202-885-1623

Student Associations

For those looking to connect with other students at SIS who share a similar field of interest, you may consider reaching out and joining the following groups on Facebook: